How to use Windows 10 PC as security surveillance camera

Windows 10 PC as a security camera

Do you want to add a plus of security to your home or business without having to invest too much on specialized hardware solutions? If you are worried about your private space or if you just want to be able to verify certain locations remotely, then you should consider in using your own Windows 10 PC as a security camera.

Yes, that’s right; your own computer can serve as a real security service for home and business, all without having to buy and set an actual security network. Instead, you can choose to use your computer’s built-in web camera, or other external web cams that can be attached to your Windows 10 system.

How is that possible? As you will see, using your PC as a security camera isn’t that complicated. But, you do need to install a dedicated program on your computer. This program will enable the web cam and will add dedicated features which can then transform the built-in camera into a security surveillance service and solution.

So, in the following guidelines we will review the best apps that can be used on the Windows 10 OS and which can control the built-in webcam as a security surveillance camera.

How to use Windows 10 PC as security camera

1. iSpy

ispy windows 10iSpy is perhaps the most complex open source video surveillance software available for the Windows platform. The program will control your webcams and will let you access the recorded content from anywhere in the world – you can do it from a laptop, notebook, desktop and even from a portable device.

The app has features for both mid-range and high-end users which means that it can be used in different situations and for solving various security challenges. The app can also be customized and optimized through dedicated plugins and comes with built-in functionality for motion detection, motion processing, recording, scheduling, audio, remote access, network audio broadcasting, password protection, desktop recording, cloud uploading and lot more.

Even though its user interface can be a little bit intimidating, once you get used with its options and with everything that you can configure, you will be more than satisfied with your choice. And everything without investing a single cent – as already outlined iSpy is an open source app so it can be downloaded and used for free.

You can download the app from here (at that page you can also learn more about iSpy and how to configure it on your own Windows 10 device).

2. ContaCam

contacam windows 10Another open source video surveillance program that will work great on the Windows 10 OS is ContaCam. Unlike iSpy, this software brings a more user friendly interface with intuitive built-in settings and with basic features such as: history tracking, remote watching through port forwarding or Dropbox, audio support, motion detection and several other functionalities that can turn out to be useful especially if you aren’t looking for a complex / complete service – you won’t get extra plugins or other similar tweaks as explained in the iSpy review.

However, ContaCam is a light and fast application which runs great even in a low-light environment. Additionally, it won’t require too much power so it can be successfully used even on low-end configurations.

The ContaCam software can be downloaded for free from this page.

3. Yawcam

yawcam windows 10Yawcam comes from ‘yet another webcam software’ but it’s more than that. Written in Java, this program ensures a great webcam control when it comes to setting up a basic video surveillance network. Just like the other apps that were reviewed already, Yawcam will use the built-in webcam and the external cameras that are attached to your Windows 10 computer and will record everything that happens in the implied perimeter.

Yawcam can be installed and configured within minutes and features intuitive settings that can be smartly applied even by users who aren’t used with these kinds of operations. And yes, it packs all the basic features such as motion detection, ftp-upload, password protection, video streaming and multi languages.

Yawcam can be downloaded for free from this page – check that page for more info too.

4. Active WebCam

ActiveWebCam windows 10Active WebCam can control unlimited number of cameras and ensures simultaneous recordings which can be observed remotely from any web browser. You can also watch a playback why the recording is still going, or you can choose to see an archive of snapshots in a sequence of still images.

You can password protect all the recorded video packages, you can add a date and time to certain videos, you can record in AVI or MPEG formats and can capture images at up to 30 frames per second from any connected video device.

Active WebCam is a paid program but you can download a free trial version for checking its functionality before purchasing the full license. You can learn more about this product and you can order the software by accessing this page.

5. UGOlog

ugolog windows 10

UGOlog is maybe the easiest video surveillance solution that you can choose for using your Windows 10 PC as a security camera. The program has everything that you want: intuitive features for entry-level users and advanced functionalities for power users, everything while you can control the attached cameras through your favorite web browser client.

The app is fully stable and will work smoothly regardless of how powerful your computer really is.

UGOlog is available in 3 different packages depending on what you want to obtain:

  • You can use it for free for 1 camera, 50 MB of cloud storage and 14 days of history.
  • You can get the entry-paid package for $9.95 / month for receiving control over 2 cameras, 1GB / month storage space and access for 2 months of history.
  • Or you can download the PRO version which is priced at $29.95 / month. In that case you will be able to set 10 cameras, receive 5GB / month of storage space and access to 2 months of history.

You can learn more about UGOlog by accessing this page – from that page you can also download the UGOlog software.

6. WebCam Monitor

WebCam Monitor windows 10WebCam Monitor is another webcam surveillance software that got good reviews from both entry level and power users. The program is packed with essential features so it can detect motion and noise, it can trigger alerts and it can send email notifications or even text messages.

The recorded videos will be stored on a specialized server, or you can choose to stream certain recordings over the Internet if you want to have full control over your security cameras from any computer or portable device that has an Internet connection enabled.

Setting up this surveillance system can be done through a dedicated wizard, which will guide you through different tweaks and functions. These built-in features can be configured depending on what you want to obtain from your own security solution.

You can install and set up WebCam Monitor for free, by downloading the trial version – I recommend you to download the trial version first as in that case you can better observe the built-in features and the actual functionality. The full package is priced at $69.95 and can be purchased from this page.

Final thoughts

So these are some of the best webcam apps that can be used on the Windows 10 platform for turning your PC into a security webcam service.

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