There are huge changes coming to Windows 10 with new update

Windows 10 update

A NEW Windows 10 update which can already be downloaded will start rolling out to Windows 10 PCs worldwide on May 8.

But what exactly is new in the update?

Since the initial launch, Microsoft has offered two updates which added a huge benefit for creatives. However this major release shifts the focus to better managing your time.

Here’s everything you need to know:


Given our information is spread across multiple devices – computers, phones and tablets – it’s becoming increasingly hard to locate specific content in a short period of time.

Windows 10 hopes to change this with the introduction of “Timeline” – a hub that kind of works similar to your browser history and allows you go back in time up to 30 days to easily find what you are looking for.

Timeline tracks the applications and documents you have been using, and will allow you to resume working on them exactly where you left off.

Users can scroll vertically back in time through thumbnails of their activity or can find specific activities using the search bar. Even more exciting is the ability to resume regardless of the device you were working on.

“You can pick up what you were doing if signed into your Microsoft account while using Microsoft Edge or Office 365 on your iOS or Android device when you return to your Windows 10 PC,” explained Microsoft.

One thing to be mindful of is the feature will only show snapshots of app that have been designed to support Timeline. Although Microsoft has said it will be encouraging all developers to allow use in future updates.


Microsoft believe people are too easily distracted by social media and other notifications, which creates a loss of productivity and creativity.

In order to combat this, Windows 10 will introduce “Focus Assist” to block notifications for an extended period of time or during certain times every day.

“When you finish, you receive a summary of what came through, whether notifications, emails or updates, while you were heads down. If you’re waiting on a specific call or email, choose people who you want to break through,” explained Microsoft. Features to help users stay focused have also been added to the Microsoft Edge web browser.

“You can now click the audio icon to mute and unmute a tab that is playing sound. Books, PDFs and Reading View pages can go full-screen for a distraction-free reading experience,” Microsoft wrote.

“Shopping gets easier as your address, payment and other information can be securely saved with the option to autofill on web payment forms.”


Voice is becoming more and more prevalent across all of our devices, so Windows 10 has made it easier to write quickly and accurately using the “Dictation” feature.

“With your cursor in any text field either in Windows 10 or in an app, simply press Win+H and start talking,” explained Microsoft.

The added benefits of voice commands also extend to Windows 10 PCs with Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana enabled.

Following the update, users will be able to manage their smart home right from their PC using just voice commands – think of how Google Home or Amazon Alexa controls IoT enabled devices.


• NEARBY SHARING: This feature is similar to iPhones Air Drop and allows users to easily share photos, URLs, and files with other nearby Windows 10 devices.

• BETTER AUDIO OPTIONS FOR APPS: You can now specify different volumes levels on a per-app basis and these settings will be remembered by Windows 10 the next time you launch the application.

• SECURITY CHANGES: Users have control over what diagnostic data Microsoft has saved about them and the ability to delete diagnostic data uploaded by Windows.

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