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Software Installation and Sales

We provide dedicated service to install and setup any software available on the market for you. Our expert professionals have vast experience when it comes to software installation, testing, bench-marking and new computer setups.

Software installation is an easy task for some people who have a basic understanding of how a software installation package works. But in this modern age of technology, some installers are now being bundled with other third party programs. These can be unintentionally installed thus causing unnecessary problems. The most common third party programs that come with your downloaded software are browser toolbars and helper objects (BHOs).

Software installation can be frustrating especially when it requires a lot of time visiting software websites, downloading the installer, waiting for the download to finish and the then resultant confusion selecting the best installation option.

At Southern Computer Services SA, we offer a streamlined software setup process that does it all for you. This ensures it is completed in the shortest time possible. Our expert technicians know exactly which is the best installation option to perfectly fit your needs. We also ensure we opt you out of those programs that you don’t need. We can also help you decide on what programs you should choose to install and why.

Benefits of our software install and setup service

Smart selection of software defaults – Our expert technicians are well experienced and always up to date on which setting is the best to optimise all your computing needs. The service also includes custom and default installation directories and 32-bit or 64-bit support to match your machine.

Support on all kinds of software – We will let you know what is the most commonly used software based on popularity in the market. We are also familiar with price range and licensing options for each software application. We also put emphasis on offering our clients the best free software alternatives. Sometimes there is little or no difference between the paid and the free version.

Support on any software version – We always offer our customers the latest version of the software they need however you are also free to choose which version of software you prefer.

Quick and easy installation process – Let us take care of all your software install and setup needs. Instead of visiting numerous software websites, downloading installers, selecting installation options, unchecking those unwanted and sometimes detrimental options like bundled toolbars that you do not really want, and finally waiting for the software to finish installation.

Training – We also offer one-on-one training on-site to help teach you to understand the functionality of the software you have chosen to install.

So if you ever have problems on choosing the right software for your computing needs, call Southern Computer Services SA on 0407396188.

We charge no call out fee. We are also open 7 days a week from 8am up to 9pm and on public holidays.

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Pricing details for our services

# Service Price Features
1 Format hard drive and fresh install of Windows $145 Wipe of hard drive and fresh reinstall of Windows.
2 Hourly rate (NO callout fee) $89 Our hourly rate for on-site service.
3 Data backup (as an additional service) $25 We can backup your data and copy it back to a fresh install of Windows.
4 Data recovery $75 We use the best recovery program available on the market today to recover your missing data..

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