Complications When Fixing & Repairing Laptops

With a regular desktop computer, the screen, keyboard and mouse are separate devices and can easily be substituted if they fail to work correctly. With laptops or notebooks, however, they are an integral part of the machine and so the whole system can be out of action if they’re not working.

The internal workings of the computer can also be a problem. It’s generally quite a simple matter to open up the case of a tower or desktop PC. And individual components, such as graphic cards, disk drives and cooling fans, can easily be removed and replaced.

A laptop or notebook is a much smaller, integrated design and the case isn’t intended to be opened by novice users. So it’s best to contact us for notebook repairs. If you manage to get inside, everything is more difficult to remove and reinsert so, even if you think you know what you’re doing, you can easily cause damage and make the problem worse.

Laptop Screen Repair Services

If you have dropped your computer and can see the screen is cracked it’s time to replace the laptop screen. However, you may encounter other laptop screen problems that aren’t so obvious. This may require a bit of diagnosing or technical expertise to completely determine what your laptop screen repair needs are.

Laptop Fan Repair Services

Most laptop computers have an internal fan. These are designed to keep the internal components such as the CPU, graphics cards and keyboard from overheating. While your computer is in use the fan is operating to keep the system cool. However it is common for laptops to overheat and be damaged if the fan becomes dirty, wears out or just stops working all together and is no longer cooling the critical components of the laptop. You may notice your laptop shutting off randomly. This may be due to overheating caused by an inoperable fan which will require a laptop fan repair service.

Laptop Keyboard Repair Services

Laptop keyboard repairs are very common. Of course repairing or replacing your laptop keyboard depends on why your laptop keyboard is not working to begin with. Perhaps the keys fell off or nothing appears on the screen when a key is pressed. Or maybe your Café Latte just spilled all over your keyboard.

Newer notebook keyboards may have a spill resistant aspect which prevents the liquid from seeping into your laptop and causing more damage. Others don’t and a spill can cause more damage than just a ruined keyboard. None the less, replacement is the solution. If the keys have fallen off it’s more cost effective to replace the entire keyboard. In some cases replacing the keyboard flex cable may resolve a non-performance issue.

For laptop keyboard repair it may be best to leave it to an experienced computer repair technician.  Some keyboards easily install from the top but most require the entire computer to be disassembled and the motherboard removed just to install the new keyboard.

Having Trouble Repairing Your Laptop Yourself?

Whether your laptop is for your business, your home, or your school, having it out of commission is frustrating. There are many different ways for laptops to malfunction, from unexpected crashes to incredibly slow speeds to just not turning on at all.

By bringing your laptop to experts for repair, you get the benefits of both our professional diagnostic tools. Additionally, you get our years of experience repairing many different computer models. We can diagnose what is stopping your computer working properly, and then make a plan with you to sort out the problem.

We will always present you with a complete quote for the estimated cost of repairing your computer before we begin any work. On rare occasions, it is impossible for us to repair your computer. If that happens, we will let you know, and explain clearly why repairs cannot be completed.

If you decide to purchase a new computer with us, we will help you get it set up, and transfer as much of your data as possible to the new computer, after carefully screening it for malware & viruses.

Don’t waste time and energy trying to fix your laptop on your own. Let us complete your laptop repairs so you can get back to enjoying use of your machine.

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