Update Your Nvidia GPU Driver

Update your Nvidia GPU driver to avoid security flaws on Windows 10

Nvidia is one of the biggest GPU manufacturers in the world. Their graphics cards are some of the best on the market.

As a result, a lot of Windows 10 PCs use an Nvidia graphics card. But they don’t come without their faults.

Nvidia acknowledges 5 vulnerabilities in their Windows GPU drivers

In their latest Security Bulletin, Nvidia warns Windows 10 users about 5 possible vulnerabilities with the GPU display drivers. Furthermore, they released a security patch to solve those vulnerabilities.

The most important thing to note is that Nvidia Windows GPU display driver contains a vulnerability in the user mode video driver trace logger component.

This means that when an attacker accesses the system and creates a hard link, the software won’t check for hard link attacks. This can lead to code execution, denial of service, or escalation of privileges.

This is especially dangerous as an attack on your PC will get through without any notice.

Other vulnerabilities in the NVIDIA Windows GPU Display Driver exploit DirectX drivers and the kernel mode layer. They can also lead to denial of service, code execution, and information disclosure.

The security patch is delivered with the latest driver updates

To fix all these vulnerabilities that mainly affect Quadro, GeForce, NVS, and Tesla services on Microsoft Windows PCs, Nvidia released a software security update for the NVIDIA GPU Display Driver.

If you are using any of the aforementioned Nvidia drivers, we recommend you to download and install the latest software update through Nvidia Driver Downloads.

This way, you’ll avoid any possible vulnerabilities and you’ll keep your Windows 10 PC and your data safe.


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