5 Mozilla Firefox Extensions You Need to Use Today

Your Mozilla Firefox is great out of the box, but it can be better.

The developers behind this app know that which is why they will allow you to get extensions on top of the main thing.

Going into the extensions store, there are a lot of them to choose from. Instead of telling you direct names of extensions to shop for, we will let you in on those categories that will better your online experience.

Password Managers

Your Mozilla Firefox has a password manager of its own but it won’t work as well as a standalone password manager. That is where these kinds of extensions come into the mix.

Look for the top password managers from reputable vendors and use them to keep a more secure account profile online. Most of them will even come with a password generator too – so you can rest assured that you will always have secure passwords for all your accounts.


Most internet users think that a VPN is only good for escaping geo-blocks and changing your IP at will.

With a VPN for Mozilla Firefox, you can also stay safer online. They encrypt your internet connection so that it becomes almost impossible for hackers and scammers to steal your internet traffic. Or even hijack your conversations. VPNs are especially important when you are browsing the internet over a public or free Wi-Fi network – even though we do not recommend ever browsing the internet over public Wi-Fi.

Ad Blockers

Like password managers, the Firefox browser is tuned and designed against ad blocking. Since that is not the dedicated feature of the browser, though, there will be gaps in the way that the ad blocker operates. This will allow some malicious ads to slip through the cracks.

That won’t be possible when you are using a dedicated ad blocker on your browser. They vet website codes better, taking all ads out of your way to boost your experience.

In line with improving your experience, ad blockers also keep you safer. After all, you are now at a lesser chance of falling victim to malvertising or adware.

Email Scanners

Some email scanners come as part of an antimalware package, while others can be standalone in their extensions. No matter which it is, you need one of them on your hands.

Phishing attacks are growing in leaps and bounds. While there is a lot of human error at play for any successful phishing attempt, getting notified of malicious documents and links could make all the difference.

This is where email scanners come into the mix.

With your permission, of course, they scan through all of the emails that you get. They are targeting the files and links in those emails to see which might not be safe for you to access. Letting you know that beforehand protects you better against such forms of hacks.

Grammar Checker

If, like us, you write a lot of emails and content online, you would need a grammar checker.

Options like Grammarly check your spelling and other aspects of your grammar as you type. We also love that it provides actionable feedback so you know why a certain word – or block of text – is getting flagged.

With that, you can incorporate the knowledge and get better at your writing.

While you can go for the paid version, the freemium pick also offers plenty.

Enjoy Mozilla Better

The vanilla version of Mozilla Firefox is optimized for safety on top of a great UI. Now that you have extensions in the above groups, you will enjoy your internet experience even better.

If there is any extension/ class of extensions that you love a lot, but we failed to mention here, do let us know in the comments.



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