Google Chrome now includes a built-in antivirus for Windows

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Google Chrome is arguably the most widely used web browser. Google has baked in a lot of features for Chrome browser over the years and the latest one is an anti-virus tool.

Yes, Google Chrome now offers a built-in antivirus tool for Windows. The new cleanup tool will automatically scan the computer for malware and other security threats.

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The scan is scheduled to happen daily and once done the Chrome browser will notify you. The notification is beamed via a simple dialogue box that asks users if they want to remove the file from the computer or not.

One can simply click on the details button in order to find out the type of file that has been considered harmful. The Chrome Cleanup tool will also contain information on how the file in question might be harmful to your computer.


Google has developed the Chrome Cleanup tool by collaborating with ESET security firm. Interestingly the Chrome Cleanup Engine is completely baked into the Chrome browser and doesn’t require any sort of additional installation.

Google has further explained in their blog post on how the Chrome Cleanup tool can detect and remove more unwanted software than before. Most importantly the Chrome Cleanup tool will automatically detect any intrusion and subsequent modification by a third party software.


Google has also been critical of Microsoft and the vulnerabilities that have earlier affected the Windows machines. Needless to say, the Chrome Cleanup tool is going to be mighty useful, especially for the newbies who are not accustomized to using advanced security tools.

The new feature will add an additional layer of security and should help in minimising security threats like browser hijacking, installation of potentially unwanted programs and of course the phishing attacks.

That being said, I am personally apprehensive on how this feature addition might end up affecting Chrome browsers speed and the overall UX.

Chrome has already been criticised for its performance lags and I just hope that the Chrome Cleanup tool will not end up making it more bulky and sluggish.

Download Chrome Cleanup.

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